About Us

Who We Are 

KehJiHou is the e-commerce arm of an industrial distribution business that has been operating for the last 19 years. Through this new platform, we seek to achieve one goal: stress-free procurement. This starts from allowing you to readily check on product prices and stock availability. Following this, we strive to ensure every product we send out are of good quality, be delivered on-time and be accompanied by impeccable service.   

Quick Facts


Origins of our name

We are often asked about the origins of our name. Breaking it down, "Keh Ji" means price and "Hou" means good in our local dialect: Hokkien. Put together, the name means best price. But we believe that monetary amount alone is not entirely reflective of value. A more important consideration is quality. Only by remaining dedicated to only supplying high quality products can we provide you with maximum value.  

Through the years we have spent in the industry, we have observed that Hokkien remains a common tongue for customers and suppliers alike. Therefore, while we hope to be able to change certain industrial practices, we constantly ensure that we maintain relevance with the current stalwarts of the industry.   

Our Logo

Our logo was carefully conceptualized to reflect our customer-focused culture. You would first observe the Chinese character “好”. This in Chinese, means good and reflects our constant effort to provide our customers with the best value.

 On closer inspection, you would also realize that the character is purposefully stylized to mimic a person pushing a cart. This was derived from our Chinese roots, where street peddlers in the past were often able to provide excellent service and forge strong ties with their customers. They not only understood their customer’s needs by heart, but were also strong contributors to the communities they belonged to. We would likewise strive to provide such effective and affable service to you, our esteemed customers.

Last but not least, the colour ‘orange’ was dedicatedly chosen to emulate the warm and friendly service we aim to provide to each of our customers.